Coworking Europe Conference

The European leading event of the Coworking industry

Coworking Europe 2012 will bring together European and global coworking space managers, entrepreneurship activists, nomad and innovation experts, collaboration gurus, as well as representatives from the public and of the corporate sector.

Official website:
Twitter: #coworkingEU @EuropeCoworking

8-10 November 2012

Paris, France

Contributions by stephtara in Coworking Europe Conference

SOS for @lindabroughton ‘s MacBook Air #coworkingEU

Organising! #coworkingEU

SOS for @lindabroughton ‘s MacBook Air #coworkingEU

Sandy Coworking #coworkingEU

heat rises #coworkingEU #glagla

demain je prends ma petite laine #glagla #coworkingEU

@tonybgoode what kind of party is it? #coworkingEU

Listening to prices in other spaces, realising how cheap @Eclau is! #coworkingEU

Interesting: fixed desks but members change desks every 3 months #coworkingEU

@tonybgoode I manage a coworking space and drink neither beer or coffee, imagine that! #coworkingEU

Seems to be a generic agreement that coworking spaces deal with people. #coworkingEU

Good question: how did you go from 0 to 10? Tony: going to meetups, happy hour > that’s called networking, right? #coworkingEU

Tony: companies don’t exist, they’re made of people. Only problems: employees who didn’t choose to be there #coworkingEU

I made initial mistakes with «companies» early on with @eclau (even 1-person!) #coworkingEU

Maybe i’ll start a mini-coworking space near the marina in Torrevieja #coworkingEU #boat #wannabeyottie

Says Tony: coworking is more about the people than about the space #coworkingEU

How to work on the community aspect? Care about the people. #coworkingEU

Light on the panelists, yay! #coworkingEU

#coworkingEU au Club les chaises sont aussi serrées pour qu’on puisse se tenir chaud? #glagla

Coworking Musings — Why is More Better? #coworkingEU

RT @magnolfi: What we are seeing on stage now is the #tension bw cultural capital and economic capital in scaling coworking culture. #coworkingEU

at @eclau: try to facilitate work (too much interaction counter-productive) with balanced amount of interaction and cat-petting #coworkingEU

disagree with the current comment: facilitating work vs. interaction doesn't distinguish business centre from coworking #coworkingEU

Quand le coworking cesse-t-il d’être du coworking? (@eclau) #coworkingEU

my answer: making money with coworking puts you somewhere slippery and it's delicate to manage #coworkingEU #priorities

"the more narrow your offering the more it's going to resonate with people" (@alexknowshtml) #vindication #coworkingEU

RT @JuliePouliquen: "A hybrid between business centers and coworking would never work" C.Rendeiro #CoworkingEU

@koocook coucou! je vais bien, suis à Paris pour #coworkingEU -- welcome sur Twitter, fille de @koocook :-)

really really interested to hear about the less-success coworking stories #survivorbias #coworkingEU #learnings #whatmakescoworkingtick

ok, back online it seems. fingers crossed #coworkingEU (blog post nearly ready)

came up in my last conversation: @eclau, the coworking space with sometimes more cats than people :-) #coworkingEU

Wifi broke down for me after the break, never got it back #coworkingeu #disconnected

so I get "more members = more connections" -- but how many connections does one really need? #coworkingEU

@lindabroughton yep! I'm actually heading up to Leeds after #coworkingEU (Mon-Wed)

My theme for #coworkingEU I think -- why is "more" always better? I disagree that it is. Small can be a feature and not a failure.

RT @SoleillesCowork: #coworkingEU you do not sign for a desk but to a diverse community with a cool clubhouse @bradkrauskopf

a couple of thousand people: is it still a community? (still a network, yes, but community? not sure) #coworkingEU

RT @Deskwanted: Global Coworking Survey 2012 first results slideshow now online at #coworkingEU

RT @hubkingscross: "The Hub is not in the space business, we're in the connections business" Brad from @HubMelbourne at #coworkingEU

funny how bigger numbers always seem to say "bigger success". they're impressive. how to change that? #coworkingEU

700 members (Hub Melbourne) => more connections. Me, I've always liked small communities/groups. #coworkingEU

coworking spaces as amplification points (@bradkrauskopf) #coworkingEU

"we shape our buildings, then our buildings shape us" #coworkingEU

@ramonsuarez see you at the break? #coworkingEU

RT @ramonsuarez: Girls, guys: I'm at a conference. If you want to filter out these tweets, I will be using the hashtag #coworkingeu

RT @DeskUnion: Being culturally unfit works for Coworking #coworkingeu

RT @CoworkingDE: +1 RT @VincentAriens: Most heared sentence this morning "next slide" :) Can someone buy a remote in the break ;)? #coworkingeu

so one thing I always wonder about: how do coworkers have so much energy to invest in the "community" aside earning a living? #coworkingEU

RT @alexknowshtml: “A community is: what it wants to be.” This was a pivotal realization in our early development of #coworkingeu

@alexknowshtml just on the screen, or also in the room? ;-) #coworkingEU

RT @lafonderie_idf: Join the Coworking Europe Conference audio live from Paris at #coworkingEU

Digital Workplace Manifesto #coworkingEU

@lindabroughton -- just saw you were here for #coworkingEU too, let's grab a coffee at some point, would love to catch up :-)

“you are what you share" #coworkingEU > I like that

#coworkingEU les amis, il fait pas très chaud ici dedans.

ok, I'm going to try to close this door #cold #drafty #coworkingEU

hah, just saw my backchannel tweet on the big screen :-D -- channel #coworkingEU if you want to join me

coworking spaces seems to have a lot of ambition in general (more revenue, more coworkers, expansion…) #coworkingEU

wondering if I have an old-skool view of #coworking as well as #socialmedia #coworkingEU

wow, kind of shocked by how much people invest to open a coworking space (tens of thousands of €) -- @eclau: a few hundred #coworkingEU

#coworkingEU Europe with highest share of women coworkers -- true at @eclau too, majority of women

#coworkingEU -- my panel is this afternoon, looking forward to it! (at @LaBellevilloise) —

#coworkingEU people: anybody up for for an IRC backchannel? :-D #oldskool #freenode

not used to being at events where I hardly know anybody anymore. #coworkingEU #refreshing

just arrived at #coworkingEU -- a bit late, but I made it! hanging out on the right near a power socket :-)

amongst worst pick-up lines ever (last night): "you have a nice necklace. where did you find it?" #verydrunkdude #coworkingEU

@SoleillesCowork thanks! figuring out how to get to @lacantine now, then :-) #coworkingEU

RT @ramonsuarez: Can you make money with ccoworking? Come to my workshop at La Cantine and find out how, even if you couldn't sign up :) #coworkingeu

doubt: for the workshop taking place @soleillescowork this morning do we meet there directly or at @lacantine? #coworkingEU #thanks

pinpointed what bothers me: assumption that coworking spaces are being run as businesses #coworkingEU

eclau: six months in advance for full membership, but virtually free if you just want to come in for a day or two #coworkingEU

for me coworking is not in the "renting desk space" business => long-term membership independent of actual desk occupation #coworkingEU

in the session on alternative pricing/business models for coworking spaces #coworkingEU

eclau is now listed on @deskwanted -- feedback welcome on the listing! #coworkingEU #lausanne

My Trick for Paris Metro Tickets (might interest @coworkingEU peeps)

thinking about the difference between "make money" and "earn a living". which one are you doing? #coworkingEU /c @MarkStokes

@deskwanted omg omg omg omg you removed all the paragraph breaks from my "long description"! :'-( #hugepileoftext #coworkingEU

@MarkStokes there are non-profits that seek to support those trying to make a profit. nothing wrong with that imho #coworkingEU

hungry! #coworkingEU (who else? what's for lunch?)

Suggested a session on defining success for coworking. Is more always better? #coworkingEU #unconference

Organising! #coworkingEU

@deskwanted also, what if the structure of my space doesn't really allow "booking requests"? can I still list @eclau? #coworkingEU

who is blogging about #coworkingEU? would love to read your posts

does a space have to be a business? not everything involving money is a business. what is a business? #coworkingEU

Coworking Musings — Why is More Better? (for those who missed my post yesterday) #coworkingEU

ready to set off for #coworkingEU, going to be a bit late! #sorry

had a great day despite the cold (!) but was a bit disappointed by the "dinner" (ham was nice but… not what I expected) #coworkingEU

Waiting for the next carriage to @SoleillesCowork for the workshop #coworkingeu

#coworkingeu (@ La Cantine par Silicon Sentier w/ 6 others) [pic]:

#coworkingeu workshop (@ Soleilles Cowork w/ 5 others)

I ask why a lot (clients, coworkers, friends, myself…) #coworkingEU

"5 whys" exercise -- ask why five times, try to dig deeper (gets really hard, but it's an important question) #coworkingEU

finding it really hard to come up with unfulfilled needs for the pink post-its! #coworkingEU

"create a community" begs the question: what is a community? (this question keeps coming up in my world) #coworkingEU

says @alexknowshtml: spirit of open source = when you learn from sth open, seize the opportunity to share back #coworkingEU

Funnily @eclau never tried to be women-friendly or international-friendly but it seems to just have happened! #coworkingEU

tired tired tired after three great days of #coworkingEU -- was lovely meeting all of you, and sorry I can't be at the party!

Two approaches: membership for access to community or paying for services/desk-space #coworkingeu #typology

#coworkingeu (@ Studios Singuliers w/ 2 others) [pic]: