Digital Wine Communications Conference 2012

Digital Wine Communications Conference

EWBC is the only international event dedicated to the convergence of wine and the web, providing a platform for the global wine community to address today's online communications opportunities.

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Twitter: #ewbc, ewbc12 @EuroWBC

9-11 November 2012

Izmir, Turkey

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  • #EWBC Land of great but unpronounceable grapes & bewildering accents. 1250 native grapes, 22 for wine. Spices, raki, great food, friendly.

  • For the record, I hate label "natural" for wine, and think dogma of the movement and its persecution of conventional is reprehensible. #ewbc

  • We're off to a great start! Full room as EWBC listens @andrewcjeffort, @RandallGrahm & @ourmaninside. #ewbc

  • Andrew Jefford - the wine world probably don't need more writers but multi-tasking communicators - create your own job in your own way #EWBC

  • "Wines of Italy and Turkey is very similar. They should be at least equally popular." @canterburywine #EWBC

  • Bacchus. Byblos. Ottomans. Jesuits. French mandate. Bekaa. Beirut. Musar. Civil war. Bdx meets the Med. Sectarian. Instability. #ewbc