The American Revolution Reborn

New Perspectives for the 21st Century

The conference aims to identify new directions and new trends in scholarship on the American Revolution. The conference organizers expect that it will be the first in a series of conferences exploring important themes on the era of the American Revolution. The four themes that will guide the first conference are Global Perspectives, Power, Violence, and Civil War.

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Twitter: #RevReborn, #revreborn @AmRevMuseum
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30 May - 1 June 2013

Philadelphia, United States

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  • Funnest news of #RevReborn thus far? Samuel Adams Beer, the beverage of the revolution, is sponsoring saturday's activities.

  • Another lesson from #revreborn: if you are in philly giving paper on revolution and don't mention quakers, you will get called out.

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  • Not normally a fan of livetweeting conferences, but #revreborn coverage @lizcovart @Lprice3 @MichaelHattem @BenjaminEPark has been excellent

  • @mcneilctr @davidlibrary @APS_museum & @AmRevMuseum @HISTORY @SamuelAdamsBeer #RevReborn sponsors. Thank you.

  • @MHS1791 has agreed to host a follow-up to #RevReborn in 2015. Great News.